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Submit A Coupon for LifeWay here. Not only does LifeWay Christian Stores have more than outlets stationed across the nation, but it also has an entire section of its website devoted to items that it has on sale. The website is set up in a user-friendly manner that makes it easy to access the clearance section.

Simply click on the 'Now on Sale' link located in the vertical navigation pane that runs along the left side of the home page to be redirected to the page where all discounted items have been listed.

Alternatively, if you prefer shopping the clearance section in store rather than online, the site has a section entitled 'Store Catalogs and Coupons' where you can find and print in-store coupons to use at outlet locations. LifeWay is one of the most prominent providers of Christian and biblical resources in the world. However, unlike some of its competitors, LifeWay Christian Resources is completely non-profit.

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It keeps none of the extra revenue than it generates above operating expenses. Instead, any money that the organization earns through the sale of its books and other resources, it channels into mission work and other ministries throughout the world. Frost founded LifeWay back in , although it wasn't always referred as "LifeWay.

Consequently, and unsurprisingly, Frost originally dubbed the organization the "Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. When the name change did occur, LifeWay was the name settled upon because the members felt that this term aptly communicated how Jesus Christ was at the heart of the organization's work and ministry. Although LifeWay is most known for selling Bibles and study guides, it also sells Christian fiction novels from popular Christian authors like Karen Kingsbury and Kristen Heitzmann, church furniture and supplies, audio and video recordings, software, gifts and more.

Coupons berean bookstore

Additionally, its website serves as a popular resource for Christians and others where they can read sermons and articles for free as well as gain access to free Sunday school resources. To save money on your next Christian resource purpose, use a Giving Assistant coupon code.

Not only will you be able to pocket extra cash that you can use on other books, resources and other goodies, but you can also take satisfaction in the fact that you're purchasing from a company that works towards a higher purpose to spread the Gospel across the world. Ellen White's Afterlife.

LifeWay Christian Store

Ellen White's World. Glimpses Into the Life of Ellen White. Grandma Ellen and Me. Messenger of the Lord. The Ellen G.

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White Encyclopedia. White Pocket Sized Dictionary. The Prophet and the Presidents. Understanding Ellen White. Who Was Ellen White - for Kids. Daniells: Shaper of Twentieth-Century Adventism. Contemporary Evangelism for the 21st Century.

LifeWay Christian Store Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Dayton, OH - CLOSED -

Loughborough: The Last of the Adventist Pioneers. James White: Innovator and Overcomer.

Lessons from Battle Creek. Lewis C. Sheafe: Apostle to Black America. Social Justice. Tell the World DVD. The Role of the Local Elder. Uriah Smith: Apologist and Biblical Commentator.

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