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This is important for the ways that Google potentially intends to use Polar Polls. Google Plus is important for the information giant to get data about its users, and this is a great way to really focus that data. For the people in your fantasy sports circle, though, this is a hotter and more relevant issue, and one they are more inclined to think about, and so the data derived from that will be more meaningful.

Barcelona, Argentina … Atlanta: How Tata Martino came to thrive in MLS

Now multiply that by tens of thousands of users, a significant portion of people who play fantasy baseball. They have the ability to get a quick, easy look at the likes of potential users. This kind of data can be gleaned about nearly anything. One of the great contradictions of the internet age is that it both rewards the esoteric and reinforces popularity.

On user-generated sites like Reddit, items that get the most upvotes move to the top. Over time, similarity of theme and voice and content gets consistently rewarded.

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Polling has the possibility of both subverting and upholding this trend. It can uphold by coalescing group opinion. If a poll says people like stories about apples instead of oranges, content will shift to reward apples, even if oranges are more interesting which they objectively are, of course and there are a lot of great things to do with oranges. But polling can also change this.

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It can test the waters without wasting resources. The internet is still a weird and wooly and beautiful place. There are places for people to turn to have conversations they might never have had. Popular apps like Geeking allow people to jump in on conversations with people interested in anime and cosplay, who might not have found each other anyway.

Apps like these celebrate diversity, and show the promise of the internet. Your email address will not be published. I discussed this last week in my walkup piece : As streaming services were first growing into publishers of original content, they would unveil a whole slate at Comic-Con, aping what the movie studios did. Last year Amazon brought six shows to a single panel— "trust us, fans, we've got a pipeline worth the subscription! Sometimes that worked—Hulu's Veronica Mars continuation felt like a reunion and revival all in one—but I suspect that some might have been a little premature.

Adam, as the streaming landscape continues to fracture, how much is a new platform's fate bound to a single IP?


Just lemme get my comm badge shined up and I'm ready to engage. On the business side, though, Trek has long been a vehicle for television executives to experiment with new economies. Next Generation was an hourlong drama that went direct to syndication. Voyager helped launch the broadcast network UPN. It me. What I don't understand, if all that is true, is how it helps to have more than one Trek show. Subscriber models have two numbers to worry about: the costs of acquisition and retention of those subscribers.

Star Trek helps you with both, but I don't get how more Star Trek helps with either, despite several of the producers at the SDCC panel talking about new entry points and onboarding new fans. But if you have to subscribe first? Yet that strategy also seems like it's part of HBO Max, for example, which is built around … Friends reruns? It must make the antitrust lawyers at the FTC salivate uncontrollably.

Polar Polls Goes to Mountain View: Google's Acquisition & Mobile Tech

But Angela, I wonder if that's me being too much business up front and not enough party. You moderated a panel! Yes, I moderated the panel for the CW's new Batwoman series. The fandom looked strong. They played the pilot before the panel and people were cheering as the credits rolled. I'm presuming they weren't screaming for me.

Broadly, that seemed to be true throughout the con. But I will say that the energy felt turned down. But were they as excited as they would've been to see some Wonder Woman footage? Probably not. Also, there was one room where fans clearly felt … conflicted: the Game of Thrones panel. About 75 percent of the room seemed there to celebrate the show, but there were boos and I'll never forget the person in Night King cosplay who had a dagger marked "Star Wars" in his gut.

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Would you like to On the business side, though, Trek has long been a vehicle for television executives to experiment with new economies. What did fandom look like from the front of the room?