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CVS Weekly Ad|True Money Saver

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CVS Weekly Ad (11/3/19 – 11/9/19) Early Ad Preview

If you decide to not rule out battleships completely, both are very solid choices. I love the JB personally, and it's one of my favorite ships in the game. Anyway, going down to Tier 8, there is obviously the option to buy a CV, and here I would like to suggest the Kaga. I am a CV noob, and the Kaga is very forgiving, because even if you lose nearly all planes in all of your attack runs, you will still have so many reserves left, that you can play with full squads for the entire battle. Other than that, it's actually a fairly capable carrier, which is able to carry pun intended games if you put in some sweat.

The Atago is one of the first premium ships that was added to the game, and always was a competitive ship with a good mixture of speed, agility, concealment, guns, torpedos and workable armor. It's a good allrounder that should give you solid results no matter if you are top tier or low tier. It can also work as a trainer for IJN captains, if this is your thing. The Cossack is, in my opinion, one of the best premium DDs in the game and has a deadly combination of excellent concealment, sonar and hard hitting guns.

It's lacking torpedos, though, and only has one quadruple launcher. Still, in my opinion, a DD is meant to secure caps first and foremost, and with the Cossack you won't fear any other destroyer, because you can either out spot them or out damage them, and once the enemy DDs are dead, you have free reign to make the most of your few torps, which are actually fairly decent. It's also a good choice for ranked battles, if you decide to partake. Buy Dubloons with your discount and use them to get either Atago, Cossack or both.

Hope I could help a bit. However you decide, have fun - despite some grievances, this is a great game! Is Atago not a little " unforgiving " for a new player genosse?

Go for highest tier. T8 ships will get into T10 games so often it can be not so pleasant. With a T8 ship you have to play more safe and support rather than carry. Although you often have to carry in T8 ships anyways against T Personally I have bought 2 premiums. Atago and Missouri. Atago was great and I have tons of games in it. I have not touched that ship in 3 years really.

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Missouri is another one. That ship only gets played when you needed to get a quick few millions. Otherwise its in the garage gathering dust. Same goes for numerous other premiums. Especially lower tiers. It was my first premium back in ? You will get deleted easily, if you don't know how to kite and angle, that's for sure.

Prinz Eugen is more forgiving in that regard, and also a decent ship that I like a great deal, but I think when played well, the Atago has more potential.


Many people also seem to think the PE is lacklustre, for some reason, but I cannot confirm that. Aside from those two, the other Tier 8 options Bayard and Irian are even squishier, and I can't say much about the Wichita. It's complicated. Personally I would say don't buy a premium until you reach that tier as I detest seeing people in the high tier premiums that don't have any idea what to do as I am sure alot of other do too.

Honestly I am surprised that more people haven't told you to not buy one yet. Yes you may appear to be doing well up to tier 5 but tier 8 and up are very different and you may become a hindrance to the team. Just because you get a coupon for this game doesn't mean you should use it especially when they put a 3 day time limit on it to try and persuade people to make a purchase before it expires I did check his stats before suggesting. Its quite an achievement to be "green" player after games these days. I trust he will learn this game much faster than those who have already played thousands of hours and still sail broadside.

Best Regards genosse. That is, buying a T9 ships is very expensive. You can get a much better deal if you buy a T8 ship in the armory. If you purchase doubloons, you should get doubloons in total, with the cashback. Of course you're limited to the ship selection in the armory. I personally would buy Tirpitz.

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It's powercrept somewhat, but still a lot of fun because of the usable torpedos. It also needs a higher point captain, if you go for a secondary build. Cruiser: Atago Somewhat similar to your Furutaka experience, but much better. Still if you're not a cruiser guy, then it's not for you. Well, the OP asked us which premium to buy, and not for seasoned players to cast judgement if they think it's reasonable of him to want one in the first place.

Plus, he is a WoT player, so he will be aware of the fact that, just like in WoT, high tier gameplay will be different from low tier battles, and also of the fact that, just like in WoT, he will probably manage and get into it after a short learning curve. He is also right in his assumption that low tier premiums, just like in WoT, become kind of pointless as soon as you acquire a higher tier one, and don't make for a good long-term workhorse and moneymaker. As a rather new player myself and only missing the GZ, I can clearly recommend the Kaga.

The only downside I personally experienced, especially in comparison to T4, was the drastically reduced use of Attack Planes, even on DDs. According to the values, the targets she encounters and Toptier CV-Youtuber , the rockets are just weak and lack penetration, so the gameplay is not really the same as with other CVs or on other tiers and mostly focuses around her TBs and fires with the DBs. I had a really bad streak of defeats with Kaga, but also some enjoyable games. If you want a beginners CV, pick her, because even if the game goes bad and you do bad, WG speshul balans economy still rewards you.

Enterprise is not for sale and probably wont be in a while.

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I already tried to make as much research as I could before asking. Finding outdated information is one of the reasons I asked here. Thanks for the warning. I normally wouldn't be buying higher tier premium then my current tier, the incentive was initiated by getting the coupon from WG. I just don't want this great opportunity to go to waste. I still plan to progress to the high tier before fully diving into playing the higher tier premium ship. Save your money to grind a TX Line that you like and can use. It can be different this year, but I see no reason for WG to not give that option this year.

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I personally find Cossack to be more fun. So it depends on how much you want to fork out for the game at this stage. Is there any specific reason why to do those missions in coop instead of random battles? Ocsimano18 Sounds great, I will keep that in mind.