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With our car loans guide, we'll show you the best times to buy a car from a dealer, including how to take advantage of the end of financial year car sales.

On the other hand, the forthcoming model might have improvements or extra features, often without a price increase, so it might be the better deal. The arrival of the new version will also have the effect of increasing the depreciation of the old model; you might be getting a discount up front, but there will be a corresponding reduction in what your superseded model is worth as a used car too. The flip side of scoring a run-out deal is that buying a newly-released model will usually give you very little room to negotiate.

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NRMA's car loans calculator will help you estimate your car loan repayments over the life of your loan. The end of the month can be a good time to bargain The end of the financial year is traditional car sales season The end of the year is also a great time to go car shopping Look out for run-out deals ahead of a new car model release With our car loans guide, we'll show you the best times to buy a car from a dealer, including how to take advantage of the end of financial year car sales.

Top 5 times of year to buy a discounted car The end of the month — Dealers might be pushing to achieve a sales target or reach a certain volume that will earn them a bonus from the manufacturer near the end of the month or the end of the quarter.

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The end of the financial year — New car sales season hits in June, except those makers that have different financial years — ie. Thereafter it will be your responsibility to make the agreed monthly payments for the duration of the agreement.

At the end of your agreement period, you will be presented with three options: part-exchange the vehicle for a new car, pay the optional final payment and retain the car or return your car with no further payments subject to terms and conditions. Personal Contract Hire or PCH works in a similar way to PCP, the main difference is that ownership of the vehicle would not be assumed at the end of the agreement period and instead the car would be handed back.

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  5. However another vehicle could then be chosen under the same scheme subject to credit checks. Alternatively you may opt to buy your car through Hire Purchase or HP. After paying an initial deposit, you then pay the remainder of the value of the car in instalments, normally over a period of between one and five years.

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    In effect you are hiring the car until you make your final payment after which you will own it. There is also the option of a Personal Loan, which is a common way for people to buy a car on finance. Personal loans can be taken from banks, building societies and finance companies and duration of the payment of the loan can vary depending on what you agree beforehand with the loan company. Loans from banks for cars can be paid off over a number of years, and will have a fixed rate of interest.

    We have some helpful videos which provide more information on each finance option. To find out more on any of these options or about any other ways to make a car purchase, please contact us today.

    Best car loans of 12222

    One of our sales team will be delighted to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the variety of car financing options on offer. Understanding your finance options Why Finance Through a Dealership? What is Personal Contract Purchase?