Yesterdays news cat litter coupons

Different Types of Yesterday’s News Cat Litter
  1. Here are the best cat litters you can buy:
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  3. Our Yesterday’s News Cat Litter Reviews And Coupons

Selection varies by store.

Here are the best cat litters you can buy:

Check your local store for availability. Thank you! We will notify you when this item is in stock. Help keep your cat's litter box area smelling clean by using Purina Yesterday's News Unscented Original Texture cat litter. This formula absorbs three times the moisture by volume when compared to clay-based litter, keeping her litter box fresh and welcoming.

The non-abrasive pellets are crafted with recycled paper, so you can feel good about using this non-clumping cat litter in your home. Designed for low tracking with no small particles, this formula helps to keep your floors free from trails of paw prints and messes. It's formulated without harmful chemicals, making it a safe, nontoxic litter option for your cats. This cat litter is the 1 veterinarian-recommended eco-friendly cat litter, giving you one more reason to consider making this unscented formula the one your cat uses every day.

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You can use this litter for every member of your cat family, because it's safe for both kittens and adult felines. Transitioning your cat: While some cats can switch from one litter type to another easily, your cat may require a transition. Directions: Use a moisture-proof cat box large enough to comfortably accommodate your cat s.

Maintain cat box filler at a depth of inches for pawing and covering. We recommend removing waste areas daily. Clean the cat box with warm water and a mild detergent between litter changes. Store in a dry place. Tough on odors. Gentle on the environment. The super-absorbent paper pellets trap three times more moisture than clay and are virtually dust-free. Recommended by veterinarians for post-surgical use.

Non-toxic safe if ingested. Safe for small animals, ferrets and rabbits.

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On petco. Find a qualifying product. Make sure the product you would like to price match is identical to our competitor's product. Call to request a price match. No promotion code necessary. The process used to make Yesterday's News neutralizes these inks so there will be no residue left on your cat's paws or fur. Gentle paper pellets are easy on paws.

Our Yesterday’s News Cat Litter Reviews And Coupons

Contains no harmful chemicals making it a safe, non-toxic product. Our Story. Veterinarian recommended Designed for low-tracking with no small particles Creates a virtually dust-free environment Absorbs 3x the moisture by volume than traditional clay-based litter, which may reduce the total amount of litter an average cat requires on an annual basis and extend the life of one bag of product Contains no harmful chemicals making it a safe, non-toxic product that won't harm cats if they happen to ingest the product.

Yes, just look for the one that has no fragrance. Check the ingredients on the second one. If you are near a Petco you should check whenever they have a sale. With their card and if you get a petco coupon you can get a good deal on the 30lb bag.

The Lighter Odor Fighter

I try to get a few bags on sale a couple of times a year. Bumblebunny is only 3 lbs. I use the litter box screens from the BB store with about an inch of litter and I put just a little hay in the box over a corner of the screens; I keep most of his hay in a basket he can reach from the litter box. The screens take care of the poops and he does his other business in one corner most of the time.

Every day I scoop out the corner with the wet litter, push the other litter back, and add some fresh to the front of the box.

A 30 lb bag lasts about a month. I would think the length of time a bag will last might depend on the size of the rabbit. Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 of 10 total.